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About Us

Who is soundnices.com? 
soundnices.com is a B2C online electronic component sales store that serves our customers with excellent products. Online shopping from a huge selection of cool gadgets at the best price. We ship items worldwide with  freeshipping Control Door Access,Detection Sensor Module,Development Board Compatible,Digital Audio Amplifier
soundnices.com,which enjoys a professional service team, has a lot of experience for B2C online shopping. In addition, the outstanding distribution systems, together with our advanced website technologies, enable soundnices.com to fulfill our customers' orders in an efficient and flexible way. 

We believe that a company, in today's high speed consumer-oriented business culture, living without our customers' satisfaction is impossible. Therefore, we are committed to focus on excellence and take strives to make continuous improvement and innovation, to bring benefitsto customers. ( To win together with our customers is the ultimate goal that soundnices stick to. ) soundnices always shares with its customers a win-win goal. 

Competitive price always 
Our platform shortens the distance between customers and manufacturers, which means more competitive price and more options for customers. 

Safe, Fast, Easy Transactions 
Our Platform supports the online transactions with safe, easy, and automated solutions. Our worldwide delivery solutions allow customers to have their favorites as quickly as possible. Our advanced website technologies make customers get what they want in just several clicks. 

Excellent Customer Service 
No doubt, our customer service team, well-trained and experienced, will support customers at any time, before sale, in the process of sale, and after sale. You can take several ways to contact us: