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KS Starter Learning Set DIY Electronic Kit


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Product Description

Package included:

1 x High Quality Retail Box10 x 100 r Resistance10 x 220 r Resistance10 x 330 r Resistance10 x 1 k Resistor10 x 10 k Resistor10 x 100 k Resistor10 x 4.7 k Resistor10 x 47 k Resistor10 x 100 pf Ceramic Capacitor10 x 10 nf Ceramic Capacitor 10 x 100 nf Ceramic Capacitor10 x 2.2 pf Ceramic Capacitor10 x 10 uf Electrolytic Capacitor10 x 470 uf Electrolytic Capacitor10 x Red LED10 x Green LED10 x Yellow LED 10 x Blue LED2 x Switches With Blue Hat2 x Switches With Red Hat2 x Switches With Yyellow Hat2 x Switches With Green Hat T1 x 10 k Potentiometer2 x LED RGB1 x Active Buzzer1 x Passive Buzzer1 x 40 pin Header1 x 400 point breadboard30 x Jumper wires

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